Diede is an Editor


Diede is an editor. You can tell. But that wasn’t always the case… Once he thought he was a director.
Other times he was sure creating visual effects and motion graphics was his thing. But no, he was wrong, o so wrong. He had to hit that creative brick wall. and smacked down hard, to be reminded … Luckily, after some time, he got up. Shook his head, got his shit together and became an editor. A perfect fit.


Hi, I’m Diede a freelance editor living and working from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love the thrill of mountain biking, obsessively follow technological developments, and think music is the most magical thing in this world.
When working on a project I like to be involved in the early stages of development, talking about the subject and to explore new ways of telling a story. The thing I enjoy the most in editing is the many directions it can take you. I like to search of the heart of a story, reshaping and redefining it, and finally perfecting the edit. Creativity to me, is the power to surprise yourself and your audience. Rather that may be in a fictional film, documentary, installations or any other format.


Lately I worked on installations and projections for museums like Naturalis, Fries Museum, Tropenmuseum and Rijksmuseum Boerhaave. In the commercial space it seems that I really like beverages. I worked for Heineken, Fanta, Sol, Stongbow, Nada Juice, Desperados. I could go for a burger now.

As of 2020 I’m working as an editor on the American independent film called ‘Painted’, I’m advisor and editor on the documentaries, ‘Indiaantje in de kast’ and ‘Outside In’. And on the hunt for more…