Chef’Special - Into The Future
Chef’Special – Into The future Role: Editor | Visual FX Director: Reinjan Prakke DoP: Kevin Kimman Producer: Jesse Broertjes
Heineken - Champion the match
Client: NewAms | Heineken Role: Editor | VFX These online videos where shot, edited, visual effects added and delivered, on the day of the match.
Nachtlab Agency - Carpe Noctem
Client: Nachtlab Agency Role: Director | Editor | Visual FX Directing: Kay van Vree & Diede van Vree Cinematography: Tobias Smeets Gaffer: Stan Widdershoven Nachtlab Agency is an agency dedicated to creating exhilarating live experiences, stages, festival grounds and shows for brands. They gave Kay van Vree and Diede van Vree some spoken words that represents their mission and a carte blanche to create a video that evoke ekstasis and express the thrill of nightlife.
Fries Museum - Mata Hari Projections
Fries Museum - Mata Hari Projections Client: Fries Museum / Studio Louter Role: Editor Production: GadoGado Filmproducties Cinematography: Bert Pot Grading: The Lodge
Janne Schra - From the sun
Janne Schra - From the sun Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s ‘From The Sun’ covered by Janne Schra Role: Director | Editor | Visual FX DoP: Tobias Smeets Light: Teus van der Stelt & Collin Kasper Focus puller: Paco Bonsang Camera-assist: Lars Berg
MY BABY - Uprising
Client: My Baby Role: Editor | VFX Videoclip for the single Uprising from the album My baby loves voodoo!
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